Canberra is the Capital city of Australia, located between Sydney and Melbourne the two biggest cities. It is a city of administration and education, which holds the Federal Parliament, Departments, Supreme Court and also the Australian National University (within 50th - 100th in world rank for the last 20 years). The city is peaceful and tidy with a relatively small population(about 430,000).

Come meet

Canberra UBF community

One missionary family and one native shepherd.

Director and Contact: M. Joshua Lee (Email:

Bible House located short distance from Canberra CBD, ANU and UC campuses

Things you can do

  • 1:1 Bible Study, Group Bible Study, Sunday worship service and fellowship (e.g., 200 different world food experience every Sunday as prayer for campuses in 200 countries, Proverbs Fellowship to share wisdom)
  • Book symposium, joining *ANUBF activities, School break camp or day trip, sports, music (e.g., street busking), Joint Summer Bible Conference with other chapters etc
    *(ANUBF is one of uni societies/clubs in ANU since made by our UBF student co-workers in 2009)
  • Visiting other UBF chapters in other states

Important notes

  • Off-campus accommodation fee (near campus): if 2 to 3 bed rooms apartment/unit sharing with other students, average $AUD 1000/month
  • On-campus accommodation fee: Sharing 3 to 4 bedrooms apartment, $AUD 1200/month
  • ANU and UC are near CBD and shopping malls (walking distance: 10-30 min)
  • Meals, transportations, and other costs: average $AUD 800/mo
  • Canberra UBF may be able to provide an apartment for long-term gap year students (2 or 3 students). If you come together for university study or language course, $AUD 600 - $AUD 400 each/month

Languague Programs

  • ANU (Tuition: $AUD 30,000 to 40,000 per year ($AUD 55,000 to 65,000 per year for law or medical course)):
    Foundation course: 1 year to enter the degree course
    Degree course: 3 years
  • UC (Tuition: $AUD 25,000 to 40,000):
    Language course: 1 year to enter the degree course
    Degree course: 3 years