Washington, DC

The capital of America; Located in the east coast of USA (a few hours drive to New York, Philadelphia, very near Baltimore, MD); tons of history and museums in DC (Library of Congress, Museum of the Bible, Air and Space Museum, many more), nearby campuses (University of Maryland, Montgomery College, Howard University, Georgetown, Johns Hopkins).

Come meet

Washington UBF community

More than 20 families including several second gen families, young professionals, college-age second gens, younger second gens, Bible students

Director and Contact Person: Phillip Brown (Email: phillipbrown750@gmail.com)

Our church was expanded in 2015 and is located within walking distance of the University of Maryland

Campuses served: University of Maryland, Howard University

Regional activities (Mid-Atlantic region): Summer Bible Conference, Spring Bible Conference, Christmas worship, young people's winter retreat

Things you can do

  • Worship, Group Bible study, 1:1 Bible Study, KOIN fellowship (college students), HBF fellowship, Post-grad fellowship, Soccer and Ping Pong fellowship after Sunday worship, tennis fellowship
  • Visit other nearby UBF chapters: Shippensburg, Lehigh, Baltimore, George Mason, New York, Philadelphia, etc.
  • Variety of ways to serve our kids (we have around 30 CBF aged children) as well as helping with many ministry areas (orchestra, helping with conferences, etc)
  • Washington DC is centrally located on the East Coast with many cities and places of interest nearby

Important notes

  • Many lodging options are available with a wide range of price points and pros and cons, contact the director to discuss
  • Meals, transportations, and other costs: $300-600/mo.
  • Most of our families and church members live in College Park, MD which is about a 30 minute drive to Washington DC. If you live near us as suggested you may take a subway/metro into DC if needed. It's a 5-7 minute drive to the subway station

Languague Program

  • There are many English programs nearby with various degrees of intensity, quality and price