West Los Angeles

The gateway to America from Asia; Located in the west coast of USA.
The 2nd largest metropolitan area in US; International airport; main campuses (UCLA, USC, CalTech, CSUN).
Famous food – the world's best Korean food, better than Korea.
Famous places: Hollywood, Universal Studio, Six Flags, and Disneyland.

Come meet

West Los Angeles UBF community

4 missionary families, 4 shepherd families, Young professionals, 2 college-age second gens, younger second gens, Bible students

Director and Contact Person: M. Paul Chin (Email: paullukechin@gmail.com, 1-213-300-3453, KakaoTalk: paullukechin@gmail.com)

Bible house located at 9935 Lindley Avenue, Northridge, CA

Campuses served: CSUN, Mission college, UCLA

Our Website: www.csungsf.org

Things you can do

  • Worship, Friday meeting, Bible study, Christmas worship, New Year's Retreat, etc
  • Snorkeling, snowboarding, tennis, basketball, ocean boat fishing fellowship
  • Opportunity to learn musical instruments and voice lesson
  • Teach musical instruments or english
  • Seasonal retreats/travels (Winer, Spring, Summer, and Fall) – Maui, San Francisco, San Diego, Zion Canyon, Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Korea (Seoul, Jeju), Europe (England, France, Germany, Italy…), Alaska, Hawaii, ...

Important notes

  • Off-campus housing (small apartments near campus): $1000-1500/mo.
  • We have two buildings (about 30 people capacity) for community life – one for brothers and the other for sisters: $350-$800
  • Meals, transportations, and other costs: $300-600/mo.

Languague Program

  • CSUN Intensive English Program: 2 months (Tuition: $3500)