The birthplace of UBF. Gwangju is located in the southwest of Korea (approximately 3 hours from Seoul). It is the 5th largest metropolitan area in Korea and the landmark of democratic movement. It is known for unique culture and great food. The main campuses are Chonnam National Univ., Chosun Univ., Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Gwangju Univ., and Gwangju Health Univ. Mudeung mountain is one of the places to visit and there are many other tourist's locations nearby.

Come meet

Gwangju 1 UBF community

60 laymen shepherd families, 3 fulltime staff families, over 30 students, many 2nd gens, 15 fellowships

Renovated Bible house

Contact Info: S. Choongshin Han (Email:, KakaoTalk ID: joyfulshep)

Website:, Phone: 062-252-1919

Things you can do

  • Worship, Wednesday Part Meeting, Friday Prayer Meeting, GBS, Students Group Meeting, Bible Conferences, Sports Fellowships, etc
  • There is UBF Museum, and you can learn about UBF history
  • Opportunities to teach English
  • You can teach God's word to many 2nd gens
  • You can travel to nearby cities and UBF centers
  • Plans to offer English worship services and GBS

Important notes

  • Rooms owned by UBF are available at $230/mo.
  • Meal, Transportation, and other costs: $300-350/mo.

Languague Programs

  • Ample opportunities to learn Korean language and culture